Sunday, 6 July 2014

(Late) June Month In Review

     I'd like to start off by apologizing for not posting for the past few weeks, as I've been finishing up exams (yes I'm still in high school) and enjoying vacation in British Columbia. I'm writing this while overlooking the beach, so I'm going to try and make this quick. 

     The month of June was not a pleasant one for the Jays, as they sported a 12-15 record, yet still maintained 1st place in the AL East throughout the month (up until recently in July). After coming off the red-hot month of May, the Jays were brought down by injuries here and there throughout the month, as well as the chemistry that was there before has seemingly disappeared. 

     The batting stats from the month haven't been awful, with the Jays 14th in runs (105, coming to 3.8 runs per game), 6th in home runs (28), 19th in average (.248), and 13th in OBP (.315). These numbers aren't terrible by any stretch, but they aren't the numbers of a 1st place team. With two big pieces in Lawrie and Encarnacion injured, the Jays batting won't be back at 100% for a few weeks to come, and that's just being hopelessly optimistic that Encarnacion isn't going to be out for too long.

     On the pitching side of things, the Jays were 19th in ERA (3.93), 25th in SO (182), 22nd in WHIP (1.32), and 20th in opponent BAA (.257). The numbers are definitely lower in pitching compared to batting, and they are getting into the lowest ranks in the MLB. 

     If there's any positives to take from pitching this month, it's that Marcus Stroman has been able to compete at the major league level with no problem since being converted to a starter, as he's sported a 2-2 record, with a 2.67 ERA and 7.77 K/9 in June. This may encourage the Jays to look further to their farm systems, and potentially call up top-prospect Aaron Sanchez. Whether the Jays turn that route or not, something needs to be done to improve pitching, as something\s needed to be done since April.

      Altogether, the current direction the Jays are headed doesn't look to be improving, and Jays fans can expect another slow month. A revival of the team doesn't seem impossible, but it doesn't look all that likely right now.  

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